3rd Announcement of SCMA IV Conference, PSU, May 1, 2006

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3rd Announcement of SCMA IV Conference, PSU, May 1, 2006

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Third Announcement
from the Center for Astrostatistics at Penn State

Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy IV, June 12-15, 2006
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

Call for contributed posters
Early registration DEADLINE May 1, 2006
Registration fee increases after May 1, 2006

Full program with titles, speakers & commentators available at

The SCMA conferences, held every five years since 1991, are the premier
cross-disciplinary gatherings of statisticians and astronomers to discuss
methodological issues arising in astronomical research. Invited talks from
each field are intermixed with commentaries by scholars in the other field.
Contributed posters on any topic in astrostatistics are welcome. The schedule
will encourage informal interchange between the two communities. The sessions include:
o cosmology - cosmic microwave background, galaxy clustering, gravitational lensing
o planetary systems - extrasolar planets detection, Kuiper Belt Objects
o large survey projects & mega-datasets -- Astronomical surveys,
Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, Virtual Observatory
o time series analysis - pulsating stars, gravitational wave detection
o small-N problems in physics and astronomy
o recent developments in statistics - Spatial point processes,
periodicity detection, nonparametric inference, wavelet image
reconstruction, Bayesian model selection, data visualization
o cross-disciplinary perspectives - Astronomy, physics and statistics

Invited speakers & Commentators (biographies at http://astrostatistics.psu.edu/scma4/speaker_bios.html )

Statisticians: Adrian Baddeley, James Berger, Merlise Clyde, Christopher Genovese,
Jayanta K. Ghosh, Alfred Inselberg, Woncheol Jang, Ji Meng Loh, John Rice,
Jiayang Sun, David van Dyk, Rebecca Willett, Michael Woodroofe, Zhengyuan Zhu

Astronomers & Physicists: Timothy Axelrod, Gary Bernstein, Laura Cayon, Alanna
Connors, Glen Cowan, Eric Ford, Krzysztof Gorski, Robert Hanisch, Gary Hinshaw,
William Jefferys, Christopher Kochanek, Christopher Koen, Ofer Lahav,
Thomas Loredo, Robert Lupton, Louis Lyons, Vicent Martinez, Harrison Prosper,
William Romanishin, Jeffrey Scargle, Istvan Szapudi, Graham Woan

Scientific Organizing Committee: (*co-chairs)
Statisticians - G. J. Babu*, J. Berger, L. Wasserman, M. Woodroofe
Astronomers - E. Feigelson*, K. Gorski, T. Loredo, V. Martinez

The conference is preceded by a one-day training session in the R and Python
statistical packages. The Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers &
Physicists the preceding week is full and registration is closed.


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