?1side Edge? International Thesis Competition (Samsung Elect

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?1side Edge? International Thesis Competition (Samsung Elect

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Samsung invites you to take a part in the
?1side Edge? International Thesis Competition

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., the world-famous producer of high quality electronic components, acknowledged for the best technologies and products, has announced about launching of the 2nd ?1nside Edge? International Thesis Contest as a part of the Company?s efforts to support research activity of young specialists in their strivings for contribution to a new digital future. Graduate/PhD students as well as young specialists (including Post-Doc researchers) in the following areas: ?Material Science & Semiconductors?, ?RF, Electrical, and Electronic Engineering?, ?Software Developing?, ?Optical Engineering?, and ?Fundamental Science? are kindly welcome to participate in the Competition (the more detailed information can be found on sem.samsung.ru).

Application requirements: College/Graduate/PhD students, young specialists (including Post-Doc researchers)
Field of Science Details
Materials Technology Polymer. Phosphor, Composites. Dielectrics, LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramics), Nano, Dispersion, MEMS, Thin films

Technology Analog and Digital IC Design, Wireless Communication Systems (2G, 3G, LAN, PAN, WAN?), MAC Design and analysis, Network Design and analysis, Communication Software, Antenna, Wireless Audio, Video, Broadcasting (DAB, DMB, DVB?)

Technology Design and Analysis in geometric optics / wave optics / photonics, Light emitting devices (LD/LED), Micro/adaptive optic devices, Optical Integration, Image Signal Processing
Technology Heat Transfer / Fluid Dynamics Simulation, Structural deformation / vibration simulation, Electro-magnetic field / RF / circuit / EMI simulation, Optics / Optical device simulation, Material simulation, Molecular modeling (quantum physics, molecular dynamics, chemical reaction), Microstructure and compositional analysis of materials, Opto spectroscopic analysis and standardization related to environmental issues, Advanced analytical technique and evaluation of materials, Virtual Qualification & Physics of failure, reliability, Lab-on-a-chip, Bio / Energy / Environment
Technology Packaging, Soldering, Electroplating / Electroless plating, MCC (Micro Contamination Control), Digital Manufacturing (virtual manufacturing), Assemblability Evaluation, Machine Vision, Intelligent Control, Precision Control (Position, Velocity, Torque), Optical system design and instrumentation (for Image sensor module), Mold of lens, Nano machining (Ultraprecision mold & die technology, Molding technology for micro/nano structure)

Award details:

Eleven best theses will be selected totally by the company's expert commission on the final stage of this competition, and their authors will be awarded by worthy tributes (medals and prize money)

Awarding Advantages
The ?1nside Edge? Medal
(1 side) + $, 7000 prize  For Doctorate: the winner will be offered the privilege of one-year Post-Doc position in Central R&D Institute of the Company
 For Master/Bachelor: the winner will be provided with scholarship support
Gold Medal
(2 sides) + $, 3000 prize
All prize winners will be given extra credits in the case of their applications for Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co.
Silver Medal
(3 sides) +$, 2000 prize
Bronze Medal
(5 sides) +$, 1000 prize


June 30, 2006: Deadline for title and abstracts submission
July 10, 2006: Announcement of the preliminary results
Sept. 15, 2006: Deadline for thesis submission
Oct. 2, 2006: Announcement of the final results
Nov. 1, 2006: Awarding Ceremony in company?s HQ

Requirements for documents process:
All documents should be processed in MS Word format (font: Times New Roman, size for subject: 14 pt, size for content: 11 pt). At that, abstracts should be under 1200 characters, and thesis content - under 30 sheets (including indexes and references).
Besides, it is required that applied thesis hasn't been published in any edition before June 30, 2006.

We kindly ask you to send your materials by E-mail to: thesis@src.samsung.ru

Don?t hesitate to contact coordinator of this contest, should any questions arise.
Tel.: +7 (095) 797-24-73
Fax: +7 (095) 797-25-05

Wish Good Luck!


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