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Scientific Journals International (SJI)

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Call for papers, reviewers and Editorial-Advisory Board members

Every researcher, writer or artist deserves a fair consideration to be
published. Scientific Journals International (SJI) provides a one-stop
efficient forum for publishing research and creative work from all
disciplines. Our open access electronic journals will be available
free of charge to over 800 million Internet users from around the
world. Unlike other online journals we do not limit access through
registration or subscription. There is no other journal in the world
that aims to have this scope.

This initiative is driven by an overriding passion to assist
researchers, writers and artists to cope with the publish or perish
reality that has been created by the policies of the academia and
funding agencies. According to several surveys, a large majority of
authors and researchers cite slow review process and publication
delays in the current system as a major obstacle to their publishing
objectives. Many have also expressed concerns about the fairness and
integrity of the peer review process in traditional scholarly
publishing. Some scholars have argued that there is a need to free the
publication process for broader and fairer access.

Scientific Journals International (SJI) is the first global initiative
that intends to accomplish this objective. Due to its massive
database and electronic archival capacity, SJI will maintain a
significantly higher acceptance rate for research papers and creative
works. We sincerely believe that researchers, writers and artists who
have devoted months or years to a research/creative project, should
not be shut out of the publication world simply because they did not
follow certain procedural or stylistic rules and guidelines or because
their work did not fit in. All traditional journals have very rigid
stylistic or procedural policies that unduly create artificial
barriers and in effect retard innovation and creativity.

Scientific Journals International (SJI) will maintain minimal
procedural and stylistic rules, and will accept papers that follow any
style manual such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. A fair peer-reviewed
evaluation system will be used to select papers for publication. SJI
will maintain a rapid electronic submission, review and publication
process. Additionally, we do not set the same limitations on the
length of the article as other traditional and online journals do.
Another useful feature of our searchable electronic journals is that
readers will be able to search quickly and easily for full-text
articles by particular keywords. Our capability for perpetual future
accessibility and preservation will also be extremely valuable to both
authors and readers.

All accepted and published articles will remain in our databases and
archives in perpetuity for worldwide exposure and visibility. Each
electronic article will be encoded with html meta-tags which allow for
more sophisticated searching techniques. The information which is
contained in an article can be intelligently structured for
bibliographic access.

Please feel free to forward this email to your institution's faculty
listserv so that others may benefit from this opportunity. For more
information visit If our server is
down temporarily, please go to the alternate site


Neil A. Anderson
Scientific Journals International (SJI)


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