The EPR-B Paradox Resolution. Bell inequalities revisited.

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The EPR-B Paradox Resolution. Bell inequalities revisited.

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The EPR-B Paradox Resolution. Bell inequalities revisited.
Jaykov Foukzon1, Elena R Men'kova2 and Alexander A Potapov3,4
Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1391, conference 1 ... 1/1/012073
One of the Bell's assumptions in the original derivation of his inequalities was the hypothesis of locality, i.e., the absence of the influence of two remote measuring instruments on one another. That is why violations of these inequalities observed in experiments are often interpreted as a manifestation of the nonlocal nature of quantum mechanics, or a refutation of a local realism. It is well known that the Bell's inequality was derived in its traditional form, without resorting to the hypothesis of locality and without the introduction of hidden variables, the only assumption being that the probability distributions are nonnegative. This can therefore be regarded as a rigorous proof that the hypothesis of locality and the hypothesis of existence of the hidden variables not relevant to violations of Bell's inequalities. The physical meaning of the obtained results is examined. Physical nature of the violation of the Bell inequalities is explained under new EPR-B nonlocality postulate. We show that the correlations of the observables involved in the Bohm–Bell type experiments can be expressed as correlations of classical random variables. The revisited Bell type inequality in canonical notations reads
〈AB〉 + 〈A'B〉 + 〈AB'〉 − 〈A'B'〉 ≤ 6.
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