Appreciation from the Editors

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Appreciation from the Editors

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Appreciation from the Editors
The Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications would like to thank all editors and
referees whose work contributed to the continued strengthening of the journal during 2007.
The year 2007 was a very successful one for JMAA. During this year, we received well over
3000 new submissions, an increase of more than 10% compared to 2006, we published
nearly 1000 articles, and there were well over half a million downloads of JMAA articles via
ScienceDirect. Our 2006 Impact Factor* (IF) continued its 10-year increase, reaching 0.758.
The JMAA now ranks 46th out of 187 Mathematics titles, 68th out of 150 Applied Mathematics
titles and 100th out of 298 titles on the combined list.
Without the help of the many mathematicians who volunteered their time and expertise to
referee manuscripts for JMAA, it would be impossible for us to maintain the high standards
so necessary to bring the journal to this level of recognized eminence. The improved quality
of JMAA as evidenced by the IF is, in large part, a reflection of their constant striving to
achieve and to maintain the highest levels of publishing excellence in the mathematical
sciences. We appreciate their continued support enormously. Thank you from the bottom of
our hearts!
The letter, including a full list of all 1752 referees who contributed to the journal during 2007,
is available from the JMAA webpage at:


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