Nonholonomic general covariance principle

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Nonholonomic general covariance principle

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Torsion and the Gravitational Interaction
By using a nonholonomous-frame formulation of the general covariance principle, seen as an active version of the strong equivalence principle, an analysis of the gravitational coupling prescription in the presence of curvature and torsion is made. The coupling prescription implied by this principle is found to be always equivalent with that of general relativity, a result that reinforces the completeness of this theory, as well as the teleparallel point of view according to which torsion does not represent additional degrees of freedom for gravity, but simply an alternative way of representing the gravitational field.

Fundamentals of the nonholonomically covariant formulation of the general theory of relativity
Abstract The physical foundations of the nonholonomic formulation of general relativity are determined, and the role of the Fock-Ivanenko coefficients in setting up and developing the tetrad formalism in general relativity is discussed. The physical and geometrical meaning of the nonholonomic transformations used in general relativity is determined.


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