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Was Polchinski wrong?

Добавлено: Пт янв 04, 2019 2:45
Was Polchinski wrong? Colombeau distributional Rindler space-time with distributional Levi-Cività connection induced vacuum dominance. Unruh effect revisited
J Foukzon1, E R Men'kova, A A Potapov3and S A Podosenov.
Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1141
http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.10 ... 12100/meta
The vacuum energy density of free scalar quantum field ϕ in a Rindler distributional space-time with distributional Levi-Cività connection is considered. It has been widely believed that, except in very extreme situations, the influence of acceleration on quantum fields should amount to just small, sub-dominant contributions. Here we argue that this belief is wrong by showing that in a Rindler distributional background space-time with distributional Levi-Cività connection the vacuum energy of free quantum fields is forced, by the very same background distributional space-time such the Rindler distributional background space-time, to become dominant over any classical energy density component. This semiclassical gravity effect finds its roots in the singular behavior of quantum fields on a Rindler distributional space-times with distributional Levi-Cività connection. In particular we obtain that the vacuum fluctuations <ϕ²> has a singular behavior on a Rindler horizon. Therefore sufficiently strongly accelerated observer burns up near the Rindler horizon. Thus Polchinski's account doesn't violate of the Einstein equivalence principle.