New Generalized Biot-Savart Law

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New Generalized Biot-Savart Law

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Experimental Evidence on Non-Applicability of the Standard Retardation Condition to Bound Magnetic Fields and on New Generalized Biot-Savart Law

Authors: A.L. Kholmetskii, O.V. Missevitch, R. Smirnov-Rueda, R.I. Tzontchev, A.E. Chubykalo, I. Moreno
Subj-class: Classical Physics; General Physics

In this work we made an analysis of the current status of velocity dependent (bound) field components in the framework of the standard electromagnetic theory. Preliminary discussions of the structure of the magnetic field due to an idealized oscillating magnetic dipole provided us with the quantitative insights on the relative contribution of velocity dependent (bound) and acceleration dependent (radiation) terms into the resultant magnetic field. According to this analysis we defined the methodological scheme based on a generalized (time-dependent) Biot-Savart law capable to test the applicability of the standard retardation condition on bound field components. In the second part of this work we made the theoretical analysis of the finite size multi-section antennas, confirming the validity of the methodological scheme conceived for an idealized magnetic dipole. The use of multi-section antennas is fully justified by a substantial rise of the ratio of bound-to-radiation field strength. Finally, we effected numerical calculations taking into account particular experimental settings and compared them with experimentally obtained data that unambiguously indicate on the non-applicability of the standard retardation condition to bound magnetic fields. In addition, experimental observations show a striking coincidence with the predictions of a new generalized Biot-Savart law which implies the spreading velocity of bound fields highly exceeding the velocity of light.
С уважением, Морозов Валерий Борисович


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