Торжественное отречение Галилея: что в центре мира?

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Торжественное отречение Галилея: что в центре мира?

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Навеяло отречение Галилея в его семидесятилетие, как мерзок Мир к Великим людям.

От Великого до смешного через Борцов за чистоту учения, Генеральных секретарей академий всех стран всего один шаг.

Galilei, Galileo 1564–1642
Italian physicist and astronomer
I Galileo Galilei, son of the late Vincenzo Galilei, of
Florence, aged seventy years, being brought personally
to judgment, and kneeling before you, Most Eminent
and Most Reverend Lords Cardinals, General Inquisitors
of the universal Christian republic against heretical
depravity, having before my eyes the Holy Gospels,
which I touch with my own hands, swear, that I have
always believed, and now believe, and with the help of
God will in future believe, every article which the Holy
Catholic and Apostolic Church of Rome holds, teaches,
and preaches. But because I had been enjoined by this
Holy Offi ce altogether to abandon the false opinion
which maintains that the sun is the centre and immoveable
and forbidden to hold, defend, or teach, the said
false doctrine in any manner, and after it had been signifi
ed to me that the said doctrine is repugnant with the
Holy Scripture
, I have written and printed a book, in
which I treat of the same doctrine now condemned, and
adduce reasons with great force in support of the same,
without giving any solution, and therefore have been
judged grievously suspected of heresy; that is to say, that
I held and believed that the sun is the centre of the world
and immoveable, and that the earth is not the centre and
moveable, Willing, therefore, to remove from the minds
of Your Eminences, and of every Catholic Christian,
this vehement suspicion rightfully entertained towards
me, with a sincere heart and unfeigned faith, I abjure,
curse, and detest, the said errors and heresies, and generally
every other error and sect contrary to the said Holy

Life of Galileo Galilei: With Illustrations of the Advancement of Experimental
Chapter XIII (pp. 188–189)
William Hyde & Co. Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 1832
1. Физики большие мастаки в подгонке теорий к фактам и фактов к теориям (Миныч).
2. Убеждения - более опасные враги истины, чем ложь (Ф. Ницше).
3. ВТСП: "здесь должен быть подземный ход" (Абдулла).
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