Нет энергии в ЭТОм ОТО

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Нет энергии в ЭТОм ОТО

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The energy determined in general relativity on the basis of the traditional Hamiltonian approach does not have physical meaning

August 1983Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 56(2):832-841


V. I. Denisov

V. O. Solov'ev

Conclusions The energy-momentum problem for the gravitational field in general relativity has been a stumbling block for theoreticians for more than six decades. During this time different authors have proposed in the scientific literature numerous approaches to the problem, but none of them has led to sucoess. Extensive analysis of the energy-momentum problem in general relativity shows [8, 9, 11–17] that in Einstein's theory there is in principle no solution to this problem, since it does not contain conservation laws for the matter and gravitational field taken together.

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