Reflections on Relativistic Moving Mirrors

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Reflections on Relativistic Moving Mirrors

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Reflections on Relativistic Moving Mirrors
K ̊are Olaussen, Katzegrey von Ziegelei
We chat about a homework problem of relativistic kinematics, concerning the
reflection of a light pulse by a finite-mass moving mirror. The problem reduces
to an application of the conservation laws for relativistic energy and momentum
(aka four-momenta). The solution is simplified with the introduction of light-
cone type variables. Some of the “trivial but tedious” calculations become truly
trivial by use of computer algebra (in this case

(7) Reflections on Relativistic Moving Mirrors. Available from: ... ng_Mirrors [accessed May 18 2018]. ... ng_Mirrors
С уважением, Морозов Валерий Борисович


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