Книга Мэтью Уэлша «Предвзятость в науке и коммуникациях» бесплатна для скачивания

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Книга Мэтью Уэлша «Предвзятость в науке и коммуникациях» бесплатна для скачивания

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Download the book and find out if you were susceptible to bias
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Matthew Welsh's book, Bias in Science and Communication, is free to download for a limited time from today, and explores the specific cognitive processes which form the basis of our thinking and lead to predictable, systematic errors which impact our judgements and decisions.

If you have already taken the quiz, now is the time to refer back to your answers and see whether you were susceptible to the effects of bias in your thinking.

And if you haven't already taken the quiz then why not download the book and do it today? The questions should take just ten minutes, and then you can move straight on to the rest of the book to discover;

how to identify biases
what tools can you use to control and avoid them in your general and working life
how to recognize bias in your own work, and when communicating scientific results to others

Download the book today
Please contact us at reader.replies@iop.org if you would like any more information about this book or any other titles in the IOP ebooks programme.

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