The journal "IONICS", International Journal of Ion

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The journal "IONICS", International Journal of Ion

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Dear Colleague:

The journal


International Journal of Ionics

The Science and Technology of Ionic Motion

reflects the fast progress in the field of fundamental understanding of ionic transport and the technological development of advanced electrochemical devices based on our improved materials knowledge. Since the beginning of 2006 (Vol.12) it is published by Springer. The URL is ... 17162153-0

The price for libraries has gone up, but it is as low as before (95 ?) for personal copies.

As of today, online submission of papers to the journal IONICS is open. Please, Log In to

and follow the simple procedure. If you are entering the system for the first time you are requested to create an account (upper right hand corner). You will get a password via your e-mail address. When you submit the paper, please, take into consideration that you upload the main text, each figure, table etc. subsequently. Before you finally submit the paper, you will have a final look at the submission to find out whether everything has been transmitted properly.

I would like to point out that we have 3 types of contribution

- Short Communications to present briefly exciting new results

- regular Full Papers

- Reviews

For those who have missed to subscribe Vols. 1-11 of "IONICS", we would like to make a special offer to get all past volumes at a very special reduced rate of 290 EUR (+ shipping) as long as the supply lasts (order form attached).

You may also become linked and get further information about Ionics through our home page:

We are looking forward to your contribution to the journal IONICS.

Sincerely yours,

Wing Fong Chu and Werner Weppner


Institute for Ionics (IfI)
Tel. +49-431-8806201
Fax: +49-431-8806203
e-mail: chu or


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